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Open Conference - Tuesday 12 th June 2012, Copenhagen

On June 12th, the Opening Up project organises an Open Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark. The Open Conference will introduce different perspectives on open data and how it can be used in various ways – both as a local government and as a business. The European digital agenda has a strong focus on how opening up governmental data for re-use can have major benefits for citizens, businesses, society and the governments themselves.

Open Data Day Flemish Government on 15 June 2012

The Flemish government organises an "Open Data Day" on 15 June 2012. Main activities will be: "Apps for Flanders" and "Open Data - from strategy to practice".

Opening Up will be presenting on NUP conference

Opening Up will be participating in the first national NUP Live! Conference. Duringthis congress, experience will be the focus point and participants will be plunged into the world of services. They get information, tools and tips to get started immediately after the conference.

Steering Committee Groningen draws focus to the work packages

The second steering committee for the Opening Up project wants to get the focus to clear objectives for the different work packages.

Opening Up helps governments and enterprises with social media integration

Social media are now part of our daily lives. A first assignment for a local government is to use these social media channels in their own communications.