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To Government

We want to spearhead the adoption and use of Open Data by governments and by extension businesses.

Opening Up to government is a matter of opening up the significant amounts of data they have. Open Data can be defined as:

"Data that can be freely uses, reused and distributed by anyone - subject only, at most, to the requirement of attribute and sharealike" (Open Knowledge Foundation)


Believing in the philosophy and the value of Open Data, we want to increase the transparency of governments, release value by sharing and opening data sets and increase participation and understanding by governments en businesses.


  1. Make the data available by using standards and good practices
  2. Use the data during seminars, hackathons, co-creation events and academies
  3. Provide trainings and advise on how to publish open data
  4. Deliver a framework for new services using open data
  5. Develop methods to collect data
  6. Learning our regions to work with open data