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Some thoughts on open data during the open conference in Copenhagen

In June 2012, the Opening Up project organised a conference on open data. During the conference we made some short video interviews with most of the speakers. These are now uploaded to our YouTube Channel.

Jeremy Millard (Danish Technological Institute) spoke of cities as the perfect level for working with open data. He defines them as the sweet spot between federal government and the end users:


Kim Søvsø Pedersen and Sara Loisa Matikainen (Municipality of Copenhagen) on the Copenhagen DataHub and the Socio-Economic Map of Copenhagen:


Jacob Østergaard (Utopian Cityscape) talks on visualising open data in a way citizens and policy makers can make use of them:


Rene Nederhand (Cogfor) shares his concerns about the openness of open data, from an entrepreneurial viewpoint:



Video footage of the speeches given during the presentation will be uploaded as well shorlty.

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