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Mobile and apps

Handy tools for mobile & apps

Citizens in the North Sea Region love smartphones. According to the latest market research more than half the population – nearly 200 million people – now have smartphones. And it is easy to understand why: you have immediate access to a powerful toolbox.

When smartphones first came out, people marvelled at how they could browse the web and send emails. With voice calls and texting, this seemed to be the ultimate way to connect. Who could ask for more than on-the-move web access?

But the real revolution came in the form of apps, mini programmes and tools which combine the full functionality of mobile devices with online data transfer. There are apps for buying products, checking the whereabouts of public transport, tracking your movements, identifying your location, stargazing, business productivity – the list is endless. Who would have thought less than a decade ago that citizens would soon be making use of location services and big data with a single tap on a palm-sized screen.