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The Opening Up project has a structure allowing cross-fertilization between the different work packages.

Here is how it is visualized: 


WP1 - Project Management

Intercommunale Leiedal is responsible for the overall coordination, supervision and management of the project. Management of the project is done in coordination with the project partners with six-monthly steering committees.

WP2 - Publicity and Communication

The results of this project are sent into the world according to a communication strategy. Intercommunale Leiedal collects the guides, toolkits and pilots that are produced during the project. Then In accordance with the project partners and depending on the topic and content, a dissemination channel is chosen.

WP3 - Opening Up Data and Analysis

Businesses and governments have a significant amount of data. In the Open Data philosophy of sharing is the new having, we encourage to open up the datasets according to a principles of open knowledge. Opening up data increases the transparency of governments, creates additional value for third parties by sharing open data and increases citizen participation

WP4 - Opening Up to Citizens

A shift in the role of governments in their relationship with citizens results in new citizen-led services. Modern governments believe in the participative aspect, user involvement, co-creation and crowdsourcing. There are diffent ways to open up or communicate openly with citizens. Social media, as a part of the multi-channel approach, can drive inclusion, but some practices draw the attention to possible threats.

WP5 - Opening Up to Businesses

Both Open Data and Social Media have an impact on businesses and social media. While WP4 focusses on the user's perspective, this work package aims to tackle the organisational changes required to respond to feedback and to build the complex business ecosystems.

WP6 - Research and Training

The project organises specialized trainings, academies, conferences and workshops to disseminate and discuss project findings on Open Data and Social Media. Next to these events, we deliver academic papers and articles founded on extensive research