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To Citizens

We see Social Media as a tool for citizen participation in governmental services and communication.

As there is a shift away from the traditional model of governmental service delivery, the facilitating government now adopts concepts as e-inclusion, civic participation, multi-channel communication and crowd-sourcing. It seems that the traditional top-down view is exchanged for a bottom-up approach in all the aspects the relation between government and citizens.

By integrating social media into citizen-led service delivery we want to:

  1. drive inclusion
  2. optimise two-way communication
  3. envision communication strategies
  4. initiate crowd-sourcing pilots
  5. develop citizen-centric websites and mobile apps
  6. learn governmental institutions to listen via social media channels

1. Social Media Monitoring

2. Municipal Facebook

3. Social Media and Politics

4. Social Media and Policy

5. Social Media for Internal Communication

6. Mobile and Apps

7. Training in Social Media

8. Channel strategy

9. Social Media and e-services

10. Social Media Awareness

11. Social Media and Education

12. Social Media and Participation