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Opening Up will be presenting on NUP conference

Opening Up will be participating in the first national NUP Live! Conference. Duringthis congress, experience will be the focus point and participants will be plunged into the world of services. They get information, tools and tips to get started immediately after the conference.

Belgian Cities Brussels and Ghent open up their datasets

The City of Brussels state they have of a lot of information in the form of lists, tables and interactive maps, which are interesting for everyone and could be useful. It has information about libraries, public toilets, car parks, sports facilities - Government Knowledge Portal

The Flemish government opted to do more with opening up governmental data. As a result, a broad collaborative knowledge platform was set up around the theme "open data".

7 Ways Citizens Can Use Social Media To Improve Government

Use of social media is becoming a more common and important aspect of people’s lives, and the political sphere is no exception. More than ever, social media is proving to be a useful platform for helping citizens to engage with their elected officials and government agencies. Here are 7 ways that citizens can use social media to improve how government works for them.

The Open Data Handbook version 1.0

The Open Knowledge Foundation launched version 1.0 of the Open Data Handbook. The Handbook discusses the ‘why, what and how’ of open data – why to go open, what open is, how to make data open and how to do useful things with it.

100 Ways to Become a Twitter Power User

CNNFortune reported 100 million Twitter users log in at least once a month. Half of those, 50 million, log in every day.

Linked open data: A quick start guide for decision makers

Although Linked Open Data (LOD) has yet to be mainstreamed, there are a lot of LOD already available.

Want to Avoid Getting Banned on Social Media? Learn the Rules

You can put a lot of time and effort into your favorite social media community, and consider yourself a “power” user, but your account is still at risk of suspension.

Steering Committee Groningen draws focus to the work packages

The second steering committee for the Opening Up project wants to get the focus to clear objectives for the different work packages.

Opening Up helps governments and enterprises with social media integration

Social media are now part of our daily lives. A first assignment for a local government is to use these social media channels in their own communications.