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Summer Academy for Social Media Trainers

The Opening Up project organised a 4-day Summer Academy for Social Media Trainers in Local & Regional governments and businesses. The program is a train-the-trainer program for those who are already involved in social media and foresee or aspire a leading role regarding the use of social media in local governments. The program is offered at Master level and requires a bachelor level working experience in a communication related field. Students will be trained by experts in the field and work on cases relating to their own organizations, and will receive an official certificate.

Government Digital Service Design Principles

GOV.UK has published a nice and very useable set of design principles for designing digital services on their site. The page shows 10 principles and examples of how they have been used so far. From starting with needs to making things open.

Danish Government opens all basic maps, addresses and cadastral data in 2013

Say goodbye to expensive parallel registers in public. KL (association of municipalities in Denmark) and the government have agreed to improve and connect the public records of basic data, and at the same time make all information available to private initiatives. This open data initiative provides new opportunities for innovation and growth.

WinkelWeb starts as pilot in Zwevegem (BE)

Facebook, e-business, twitter, google analytics, ... Internet has no boundaries. Consumers make good use of all these online opportunities, but for entrepreneurs, it is not always obvious to find out which forms of online presence are relevant to their business, what impact they have, and exactly how to start. The project "The Winkelweb West Flanders' (WWW), wants to help traders with these crucial choices.

Project X Haren - Facebook party gets out of control

A "Facebook party" in the municipality of Haren, close to Groningen (NL) got out of hand. A 15-year-old girl had accidentally left the status for het 16th birthday party on facebook on "public". The "invitation" got picked up and quickly became a hype on the internet. Despite government warnings not to come, thousands did attend the event and rioters used 'Project X Haren' as an excuse to transform Haren into a battlefield and leave a trail of destruction.

Testing the international networks pilot at Hanze

Within the Opening Up project, the Hanze University Groningen is developing the “INNL social network map”. This International Social Network Map is conceived as a SME Internationalisation support service and is close to launch. An alpha test was conducted with 15 employees of the Hanze. As a whole people are positive about the added value on showing, sharing and searching international contacts.

ComProNet - Real Time Incident Alerting

In June/July 2012 the first practical ComProNet tests were performed. "Community Protection Network" is a project aimed at achieving a Proof of Concept of a modern way of alerting and communicating with citizens and professionals based on real-time formation of ad-hoc groups of participants working together on an incident. It uses technical sensors and social media to receive and send information, using the principle of citizen participation. The Compronet system integrates a high degree of automatic processing of data and information to accelerate the response time of participants relative to an incident and to increase the participants’ consciousness of the environment.

Conference ‘Social Media for Local Governments'

The Opening Up project invites you to their 'Social Media for Local Governments' conference on October 22 in Mechelen.

Social Media posting guide

A lot of organizations don’t know where to start in terms of a social media posting strategy. For this reason, created a one-page social media posting guide to serve as a helpful