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Use of Open Data stimulated by economy department of Belgian Government

The concept of open data (the ability to use, reuse and redistribute public data) - has found acceptance in the economy department of the Belgian government. Through the statistics department be.STAT this includes a wealth of information on the population, employment, economy, traffic, transportation, and energy.

The KBO (the crossreference database for Enterprises) is an ideal source to open to the outside world because it stores the authentic data of 1.2 million businesses. This could be made available to the private sector through web services, etl tools, ftp, and so on. The project has been launched, but the legislation needs to be adjusted, especially in the area of privacy. The technical platform is being developed and once the law KBO 2.0 is voted, the information  will be gradually released via the public search, that is already being widely used.

Via [Dutch].


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