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Lead by the inquiry how the government can be more open, participative and transparent, the Flemish government opted to do more with opening up governmental data. In collaboration with the Flemish ICT organisation (V-ICT-OR) different opportunities were investigated. As a result, a broad collaborative knowledge platform was set up around the theme "open data". This platform,, is now live and, once registered, you can debate in the forum.

The aim of the platform is to stimulate information and knowledge sharing with regards to "Open Data" ideas, practices, reglementation etc..

To reach its goals, the Open Data Forum works to make sure that knowledge about open data:

  • is accessible to all stakeholders and interested parties, including policy makers;
  • encourages multidirectional conversations;
  • incorporates all types of information from different sources;
  • can lead to action; and
  • integrates activating principles such as participant engagement, interactivity, and facilitation.

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