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Open Data Day Flemish Government on 15 June 2012

On 15 June 2012, the Flemish government organises an "Open Data Day"

There will be 2 main activities:


"APPS FOR FLANDERS": an event where developers will go to work with a number of government datasets. The event will be guided by the Belgian section of the "Open Knowledge Foundation"  chaired by Pieter Colpaert.



Possible topics:

  • Public nature and reuse of government data

  • European Directives and their impact on our legislation (PSI Directive)

  • GEO integration and the INSPIRE guidelines (INSPIRE Directive)

  • Open Data portals in Flanders and Belgium, a future perspective, (,, ...)

  • Open Data, an economic perspective

  • Open Data and the local authorities

  • These sessions / workshops will be organized by DDBZ, MOVI, AGORIA, V-ICT-OR, Leiedal and with the cooperation of the city of Ghent and the Catholic University of Leuven.


A number of experts in this field have already pledged their cooperation:


Open Data Day - 15 June 2012

Boudewijngebouw - Koning Boudewijnlaan 30, 1000 Brussel

For "Apps for Flanders" (max 100 p), registration vai mail to

For "Open Data - from strategy to practice" (max 100 p) registration vai mail to


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