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Open Conference - Tuesday 12 th June 2012, Copenhagen


On June 12th, the Opening Up project organises an Open Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark. The Open Conference will introduce different perspectives on open data and how it can be used in various ways – both as a local government and as a business. The European digital agenda has a strong focus on how opening up governmental data for re-use can have major benefits for citizens, businesses, society and the governments themselves.
The open Conference presents speakers with different perspectives on how to transform open data from strategy to practice. To get a broad perspective on the open data status in Europe.

Jeremy Millard will present the European Digital Agenda and the global open government ovements, trends and examples. Keywords: DAE, open government, open data, collaboration platforms for sharing, new business models and open and social innovation.
Hereafter Morten Meyerhoff Nielsen zooms in on European perspectives on open governance, eGovernance and participation and will also draw on what Europe can learn from elsewhere. The keywords are: ICT, open goverance, transparency, participation, democracy, participatory design and userinvolvement.

Kim Søvsø and Sara Matikainen will speak of the Municipality of Copenhagen experiences with publishing its data in different ways. They will demonstrate a map solution as one way of interacting with data and talk about their current strategic initiatives towards making even more data accessible to the public.
From a business point of view Jacob Østergaard from Utopian City Scape will present how a business can communicate open data in 3D in architecture and construction. Bridging between gaming technologies and online communication USC has over the past 5 years developed interactive 3D platforms for a number of major urban developments. Utopian City Scape works on making Cybrids and spatially indexed databases common to everybody. Jacob will demonstrate how the have used open data from the municipality of Høje-Taastrup to make a 3D model for the use of a new urban project “Down Town”.

Hopefully the Open Conference will open up for discussions and inspire to different ways of opening up data for the purpose of creating value and meaning for the citizens and consumers in Europe. “New businesses can be built on the back of this data: Data is an essential raw material for a wide range of new information products and services which build on new possibilities to analyse and visualise data from different sources. Facilitating re-use of this raw data will create jobs and thus stimulate growth” index_en.htm


09:00 - 09:15

Welcome – introduction to the Open Conference by Eu-Executive Manager Lars Dyreborg-Gunslev
09:15 - 09:35Jeremy Millard, Danish Technological Institute, will speak of the European perspective, the European digital agenda and a global perspective on the use of open data
09:35 - 09:55Morten Meyerhoff Nielsen, Danish Agency for Governmental Management, will speak of digital data in Denmark, Norway & Sweden and participatory design
09:55 - 10:30   Questions & Discussion
10:30 - 10:40   Refreshments & Networking
10:40 - 11:00Kim Søvsø Pedersen & Sara Loisa Matikainen from Municipality of Copenhagen will demonstrate an interactive map and speak of publishing data in different ways as a local government
11:00 - 11:40Jacob Østergaard from Utopian City Scape will demonstrate a case based on open data and speak of 3D and online communication in architecture and construction
11:40 - 12:00   Questions & Discussion
12:00 - 12:15Wrap up of the day by Project Director of “Opening Up” Filip Meuris, Leiedal, Belgium
12:15 - 13:00   LUNCH & NETWORKING at Local Government Denmark



Jeremy Millard. Chief Policy Analyst at the Danish Technological Institute, Centre for Policy and Business Analysis. Jeremy has 40 years of experience working with new technology and society in Europe and globally and has a background as an academic geographer and social scientist. His recent Information Society assignments include leading an impact assessment of the European eGovernment 2010 Action Plan, the eGovernment 2020 Vision Study on Future Directions of Public Service Delivery, as well as pan-European studies on eParticipation and on ICT in regional  development for the European Commission. He also works regularly for the United Nations, OECD, World Bank and Council of Europe, as well as in the Gulf and India.

Morten Meyerhoff Nielsen. Head of section at Danish Agency for Governmental Management. Morten is working with project management, strategy and business development of the national citizen portal (, performance management, reuse of public sector information (Gov 2.0), social computing (Web 2.0 and social media).

Jacob Østergaard. CEO and founding partner. Jacob holds a masters degree in architecture from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. Jacob has previously been employed at IO Interactive and the Danish Technological Institute amongst others.
Kim Søvsø Pedersen., IT consultant, Kim works with practical IT project management as well as strategic initiatives such as enterprise architec

ture and open data. Kim works in the Department of Engineering and Environmental Management in the Municipality of Copenhagen.
Sara Matikainen. Cand.scient.soc. Center for urban design. Sara works in the Department of Engineering and Environmental Management in the Municipality of Copenhagen.


Time and date: Tuesday 12 th June 2012

KL – Kommunernes Landsforening
Local Government Denmark
Weidekampsgade 10
2300 København S

Contact persons:

Anette Linde Larsen
Mobil: 22595971

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