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Belgian Cities Brussels and Ghent open up their datasets

The cities of Brussels and Ghent open up their datasets to everybody

The City of Brussels state they have of a lot of information in the form of lists, tables and interactive maps, which are interesting for everyone and could be useful. It has information about libraries, public toilets, car parks, sports facilities. All these datasets are now being made available via so they can be used for smartphone apps or web publishing. A week earlier, the city of Ghent had its own open data website launched at, making a lot of statistical information available, ranging from the number of students city areas to the location of doctors or schools.

Smaller cities and towns as Anzegem, Tielt-Winge or Herentals already opened up some data sets without much ado. Leuven takes a start with the 'Apps for Leuven' event this autumn. Sometimes it is also a question of naming. The city Kortrijk has already made some efforts in the Smart Cities project.

There still remain obstacles. The most difficult point being the organizational barrier. The city authorities often only want to open up data if a 'meaningful interpretation' can be given. The idea that they are also responsible for such data, feels also problematic.


Based on an article in Datanews. Read full article on [Dutch]



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