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Andrew Stott speaking on Flemish Open Data Day

The Flemish Government is proud to announce that Andrew Stott will be giving a keynote on "Open Data: best practices in Europe and key challenges facing the European Union" during their Open Data Day on June 15th 2012 in Brussels.

Andrew Stott was the UK’s first Director for Transparency and Digital Engagement.  He led the work to open government data and create ""; and after the 2010 Election he led the policy development and implementation of the new Government's commitments on Transparency of central and local government.  His role also included responsibility for increasing the UK Government's capability to use the internet to communicate and collaborate with the public, including the crowd-sourcing of ideas for spending reductions and legal & regulatory reform, and the greater use of social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter. 


Following his formal retirement in December 2010 he was appointed to the UK Transparency Board to continue to advise UK Ministers on open data and e-government policy.  He also advises other governments on Open Data both bilaterally and through the World Bank and the World Wide Web Foundation.  He is a expert adviser on Open Data strategy to the EU Citadel On The Move programme.  Through social media and public speaking he continues to contribute to the international development of the Open Data and Open Government agendas, and he was a key note speaker at Europeana Tech 2011, Open Knowledge Conference Berlin 2011 and Open Government Data Camp Warsaw 2011.


Between 2004 and 2009 Andrew Stott was UK Government’s Deputy Chief Information Officer and Chair of its Chief Technology Officers' Council.  In this strategic cross-government role he personally led the work on the UK’s e-government, open source, cloud computing and procurement strategies and on supplier performance improvement. He previously worked in Director-level IT roles in both strategy and large-scale implementation, as well as in other senior civil service roles in public policy, finance and programme management.  He is a graduate of the University of Cambridge where he studied both Mathematics and Law.


Keynote:  Andrew Stott (UK) - Open Data: best practices in Europe and key challenges facing the European Union

Plenary session - Citadel on the Move: Geert Mareels, Andrew Stott, Julia Glidden: Enabling Smart City Services through Open Data, Mobile Applications and Common Data Formats

Plenary session- Chris Taggart (UK) - Andrew Stott (UK) - Bart Rousseau (Stad Gent) / Chair: Julia Glidden (UK): Open Discussion: How to apply lessons learned from the UK and the world 


The complete programme for the Open Data Day kan be found on

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